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Wendy J. Deichmann


Associate Professor of History and Theology
president@united.edu | 937.529.2203


  • Teaching and Research

    Wendy serves as president of the seminary and as a member
    of the faculty. Her areas of teaching and reseach include the history of Christianity, American religious history, women in the
    history of Christianity, historical theology, and Wesleyan/United
    Methodist studies.

  • Education

    B.S., State University of New York at Geneseo (1981)

    M.Div., Colgate Rochester Divinity School (1984)

    Ph.D., Drew University (1991)

  • Professional

    Member of American Society of Church History

    Member of American Academy of Religion

    Member of the Upper New York Conference
    of The United Methodist Church

  • Publications

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    Gender and the Social Gospel. Edited with Carolyn De Swarte Gifford. University of Illinois Press, 2003.

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    Author of numerous articles on the history of Christian missions and the social gospel movement.

  • Personal Life

    Wendy is passionate about the Spirit’s work in renewing
    the Church for the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.
    She also deeply enjoys family, friends, colleagues, music,
    art, travel, writing, gardening, long walks and the awesome
    beauty of nature.