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The United community enjoys an ethos that is ecumenically Christian in spirit and distinctively enriched by our United Methodist heritage. The Center for Evangelical United Brethren Heritage is a prized resource that links the seminary to the historical pietism and missionary emphasis of our founders. Our United Methodist heritage is expressed in special events, worship, exhibits, connections with denominational resources, and course offerings.

United Methodist students at United will benefit from the United Methodist heritage and character of the school as well as from its wide-ranging theological and denominational diversity.

  • Required Denominational Courses

    United provides the three required denominational courses for UM ordination in online and hybrid formats, and in classroom settings in Dayton and West Virginia. These courses are:

    United Methodist History

    Contemporary United Methodist Polity

    United Methodist Doctrine

  • Elective Courses

    In addition, United offers a variety of important elective courses that draw upon the Wesleyan, Methodist and Pietist traditions, including:

    Methodists, Evangelicals, United Brethren and Women’s Ordination


    John Wesley Seminar

    Evangelical United Brethren Heritage Seminar

    United Methodist General Conference

    Wesleyan Theology

    United Methodist Worship

    Sacraments of Christian Initiation