UMC Ruling for Online Courses: 1/18/11


February 29, 2012

United Theological Seminary is pleased to celebrate its continuing status as an approved seminary related to The United Methodist Church (UMC). The University Senate of the UMC, which oversees the relationship between the denomination and its affiliated schools, conducted its decennial (10 year) site visit to United in November 2011. Upon recommendation of the review team and the body’s Commission on Theological Education, the University Senate voted at its January 2012 meeting to continue approval of United as a theological school where candidates for ordination in The United Methodist Church may earn their Master of Divinity degree.

The visiting team concluded that “church relatedness appears to pervade the ethos of the institution because United has been intentional in its effort to bridge the gap between the academy and the church.  The seminary has endeavored to equip leaders for fruitful ministry in a variety of contexts . . .” and has engaged the church “. . . in creative and mutual learning regarding how the seminary can contribute to the renewal of the church.” United was also commended by the visiting team for its “well qualified and very dedicated faculty,” its excellent programs, both traditional and online, and remarkable growth in enrollment during recent years.

United, now in its 142nd year, is one of the fastest growing theological schools in the United States.  It was founded in 1871 by Milton Wright, a Bishop in The United Brethren Church and father of Wilbur, Orville and Katherine Wright.  United offers accredited, innovative graduate and non-degree education programs for both clergy and laity.

UMC University Senate Policy for Online Coursework, January 2011


February 3, 2011

United celebrates the forward step taken by the UM University Senate on January 27, 2011, with regard to United Methodist Distance Learning. The Senate has ruled:

  1. That UM candidates for ordination may take up to two-thirds of their required degree work online at a United Methodist seminary that offers Distance Learning and

  2. One-third of the degree must be completed in residence at the seminary.

In early March, the United Faculty will announce details for a new, summer residency program, to take place at United’s main campus in Dayton, Ohio, beginning in August of 2011. This program will be designed to fulfill the residency requirement for UM candidates for ordination in such a way that it will not be necessary for the student to relocate to Ohio.

Effective August 2011, United Methodist candidates for ordination will be able to complete their educational requirements at United in one of three ways:

  1. The traditional way: commute or move to Dayton, Ohio and complete all the requirements in residence

  2. Complete two-thirds of the degree (2 years) online and relocate to Dayton, Ohio to complete one-third of the degree in residence

  3. Enroll in the Summer Residence program, to fulfill the one-third residency requirement of the University Senate. This program can be completed in 3.5 years. Students who begin in August 2011 will be able to graduate in December 2014.

UM students that enrolled in United’s 3-year Online/Hybrid MDiv program in the 2010-11 academic year will be eligible for UM ordination under a “Grandparent” Clause announced in July 2010 by then University Senate Secretary Wanda Bigham.

February 3, 2011 CTE Recommendations to University Senate


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