Triune Atonement


Publisher Notes

This is a study of the atonement, the meaning of the death of Jesus Christ. The book surveys historical views but also proposes that the atonement be seen as the death of Christ for both victims and the oppressed, as atonement for sinners and oppressors, as atonement for the whole creation including animals and nature. This triune atonement refers to the involvement of the Trinity in the atonement, here presented from an Asian American perspective.

“Provides a rich survey of the history of doctrines of atonement. It then proceeds to offer the most inclusive interpretation of the atonement that I have seen anywhere. The book can be read by theological neophytes, but it has much to offer to professional theologians as well.”
– John B. Cobb Jr., Claremont School of Theology

“A necessary correction to familiar patterns of Christological construction.”
– Susan L. Nelson, Claremont School of Theology