Preaching in Black and White: Producing a Mutual Partnership


Rodney Kennedy

Preaching across cultures in America offers a creative tension that can only help better prepare preaching students for proclaiming the Gospel to a wider audience.  This course attempts to balance the strengths and gifts of the Black preaching culture and the white homiletic tradition. The purpose of the course is to produce a symbiotic partnership that enhances the preaching of students regardless of race, culture, or gender. The analogical vision of the course, to paraphrase Henry Mitchell, is that the Soul sermon will do for white churches what Black culture has done to the white world of musical entertainment. All preaching will benefit from some jazz notes. Students will work with traditional homiletical texts, contemporary rhetorical texts, and postmodern communication studies of our video-orality culture. The desired result: a preacher with the passion, the skill, and the street-smarts to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to amazing liveliness.