Online Learning Readiness Quiz

Please fill in a value for the following field(s):
I have taken and succeeded in online classes before.

I am comfortable using chat rooms and social networking sites.

I have an email account that I check regularly.

I am comfortable using the internet.

I am capable of buying books and conducting other business over the internet.

I can set aside time several days each week to work on my courses.

I have consistent access to a high-speed internet connection.

I have consistent access to a computer that is reasonably up to date (Windows 2000 or later).

I can open Microsoft Word documents and PDF files on my computer.

I can watch videos on my computer.

I can listen to audio on my computer.

I am usually comfortable with new technology.

In my work habits I am:

I would rate my organizational skills as:

With regard to comprehension of a given subject matter, I consider face-to-face communication to be:

For an individual online course, I can dedicate the following amount of time each week:

With regard to contacting instructors individually when I am having problems with my coursework, I describe myself as:

I describe my reading skills as:

I describe my writing skills as:

I describe my technology skills as:

I describe my time management skills as:

The last time I took courses in higher education (undergraduate or graduate), my grades were mainly: