Stephen Swisher/KCM Scholars: Church Growth and Evangelization through Preaching and Media Impact Ministries


Dr. Leroy Cothran, Dr. Stephen Swisher, Dr. Randy Grimes, Dr. Karel Hanhart, Dr. Harold Hudson, and Dr. Lori Reiber

In this program students will have “hands on” experience with one of the largest Christian ministries in the world today. With a daily television ministry that reaches over 70 nations around the world and 7 KCM offices worldwide, Kenneth Copeland Ministries helps make an impact for Jesus Christ through every medium available: television, internet, magazine, motion pictures, podcasts, texting, facebook, twitter and all types of social media. The student will learn how to engage our culture with faith through means that can reach them where they are today.

There are two venues for classes: United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio and Kenneth Copeland Ministries headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas. Experience live TV broadcasts and how an international television program is put together for your ministry; how to create a ministry magazine from start to finish for your ministry; how to utilize all types of social media in your context to make a difference for the Lord through your Church or ministry.

From whatever denomination or ministry background you represent, small or large Church, you will find ways in this program to rise higher, be even more effective in your ministry as well as specific principles on how to make an even bigger difference for God in the community and context the Lord has called you to.