Intercultural Studies


Dr. Ut Van To

Drs. Peter Bellini and Wendy Deichmann, Faculty Consultants

Intercultural Studies is the interdisciplinary field that seeks to advance the student’s understanding of various peoples, cultures and nations of the world that the student may be better informed and equipped to assist in carrying out the missio Dei. The intent of the cohort is to train students in an intercultural approach to theology and mission within a local context that may be either indigenous or cross-cultural. Students are equipped to lead and serve effectively in their own culture and in other cultures.

Intercultural Studies is by nature interdisciplinary. Students can work within and draw from any one or more of the following areas: cultural anthropology, evangelization, discipleship, contextual theology, leadership development, world religions, philosophy of religion, and history and theology of mission, Projects will be tailored to the students own gifts, graces, calling and context through a culture of education, impartation, incubation, formation, maturation, and production.