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How to Apply (Doctoral Program)


Contact: Admissions
admissions@united.edu | 800.322.5817


Applying to United Theological Seminary is quick and easy with the online application. If you prefer to mail your application, please contact the admissions office to obtain the necessary forms.

  • Admissions Requirements


    The Doctor of Ministry is an advanced professional degree program that requires a Master of Divinity degree or its educational equivalent from a regionally accredited institution followed by at least three years of ministry.

    If you do not have a Master of Divinity degree, please reference and apply to the  Pre-Doctoral Program.

    The Pre-Doctoral program offers the courses you need to qualify for what would be comparable to a Master of Divinity degree.

    The Pre-Doctoral program must be successfully completed with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 before a student may be admitted into the Doctor of Ministry program.


    The following is required to complete the application process:

    1. Complete the quick and easy online application.

    2. $75 application fee. This fee may be paid online or you may mail a check made out to United Theological Seminary to the Admissions Office, United Theological Seminary, and 4501 Denlinger Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45426. You may also pay by phone with a credit card by calling our Business Office at 937.529.2201.

    3. Prepare a 3-5 page “spiritual autobiography” that will communicate who you are and why you are interested in this program. In organizing this essay, consider the following questions:

      1. How would you describe your life (e.g. your formative personal relationships, work experience, intellectual development, personal growth, achievements)?

      2. What are your interests and activities (nature of your work and study, type of reading you have been doing lately, areas of special interest)?

      3. What have been your formative religious experiences? What are the essential principles of your religious faith today? Have these changed in recent years?

      4. How do you view ministry in the world in which we live? What is your theology of ministry? How does this coincide with your present ministry?

      5. What successes and failures have you experienced in your ministry? What have you learned from these?

      6. Why are you interested in the Doctor of Ministry program?

    4. Prepare a one-paragraph description of your context in ministry (church, school, hospital, community agency, or other).

    5. Transcripts. Official transcripts of all education beyond high school to be sent directly to United from the college, university or seminary, including Official Master of Divinity transcript. Faxed copies are not accepted at any time.

    6. Letter of Support and expression of cooperation for your participation in the doctoral program from the appropriate group in your local congregation or other context of ministry. This letter is most helpful if it gives information about your style of ministry.

    7. Letter of recommendation from your ecclesiastical supervisor. This supervisor should both know your work and assure you of support in your program involvement. If you have no ecclesiastical supervisor, request a colleague-in-ministry to write a letter of recommendation for you.

    8. Background Check. A non-refundable fee of $50 will be charged by Verified Credentials.

    Application materials are valid for one year from the time of submission. After that period, a new application will be required to be considered for admission.

    Documents can be forwarded to admissions@united.edu. We require transcripts be sealed and mailed directly to the seminary. 

  • Quick and Easy Online Application

    Step 1 | Click the "quick app" button below, fill out the form and click Submit to send it to United.
    quick app

    Step 2 | Pay your application fee online as you are completing the application for admission.

    Step 3 | United will review the form and get back with you via email within two business days, informing you about what is needed to complete the application process for specific degree programs.

    Step 4| Submit material that is required for the degree program you are applying to enter (such as essays and recommendations).

Admission to degree programs at United is granted to qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, or veteran status.