Publisher Notes

This commentary on Exodus presents a fresh translation of the text along with an interpretation of the central themes, the literary structure, and the history of the composition of the book of Exodus.

Thomas Dozeman here explores two related themes in the formation of the book of Exodus, namely, the identity of Yahweh, the God of Israel, and the authority of Moses, the leader of the Israelite people. Yahweh’s story is presented on a grand scale, an epic account. The story of Moses parallels this divine drama, drawing the mythic story of divine salvation into a model of human religious leadership.

Exodus brings these themes into focus through a new translation of the Hebrew text, the clarification of the multiple literary genres with the text, the identification of the separate authors who interpret the identity of Yahweh and the authority of Moses in different ways, and the rich insights that arise from the comparative study of the ancient Near Eastern literary tradition. Dozeman further explores the influence of the book of Exodus in the history of Jewish and Christian interpretation.

Integrating recent changes in pentateuchal composition and literary formation into this work, Dozeman has provided a comprehensive and helpful commentary that will be welcomed on the shelf of any Old Testament scholar.