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United Theological Seminary is a seminary of the United Methodist Church, but we are a broadly ecumenical community. We have a United Church of Christ House of Studies, a Baptist House of Studies and a Presbyterian House of Studies, and we teach courses that fulfill a variety of denominational requirements.

United will make special arrangements whenever feasible to ensure that all M.Div. students meet the academic requirements of their denominations. Denominational courses are generally taught when the number of students in need of them is sufficient. In most cases that will be every two to three years. Specific denominational courses are not always required for graduation, but many denominations require them for ordination or various forms of ministry. Please check the requirements prescribed by your denomination and discuss these with your faculty advisor.

  • UCC House of Studies


    Rev. Jim Eller: jeller@united.edu | 937.529.2201 x: 4002
    Rev. Brice Thomas: bthomas@united.edu | 937.529.2201 x: 3308


    The United Church of Christ (UCC) House of Studies at United provides theological coursework, support and hospitality for students with UCC affiliations. UCC students are encouraged to learn about UCC history, theology, polity and worship, and to prepare for ministry and leadership in UCC contexts. In addition to specialized courses, UCC students gather each semester for denominational family lunches to foster friendships, share information and build connections with others in UCC traditions.

    Courses with a UCC Studies Emphasis Include:
    Traditional Face to Face and a Hybrid Online UCC History and Polity Class

    Christian Church, Congregationalism, Evangelical and Reformed Churches

    Multicultural and Diversity Issues

    UCC Theology and Writings of: Walter Brueggemann, Reinhold Niebuhr, Randi Walker, Paul Tillich, Barbara Brown Zigmund

    Students seeking a theological degree, laity becoming authorized lay pastors, or ordained clergy seeking privilege of call as well as church leaders may register for courses through United Theological Seminary registrar at
    Contact: Lacey Vickers, Interim Registrar
    lvickers@united.edu | 937.529.2201

    Local UCC Judicatory Contacts
    Rev. Robert Molsberry, Ohio Conference Minister
    bobm@ocucc.org | 800.282.0740 x: 203

    Rev. Ruth Brandon, Association Minister
    Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association (SONKA)
    ruthb@sonkaucc.org | 937.438.8050

    Rev. Dan Busch, Association Minister
    Northwest Ohio Association (NWOA)
    dlbusch@nwoa.org | 419.447.8323

    UCC Scholarship Links

    UCC House of Study Scholarship Application

    National United Church of Christ

    Ohio Conference of the UCC

    Finding Your Way Through the UCC Ordination Process

    United Church of Christ

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    UCC House of Studies Scholarship Campaign Brochure

    Courses and Event Registration
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  • Baptist House of Studies

    Contact: Dr. Emma Justes
    ejustes@united.edu | 937.529.2201

    The Baptist House of Studies at United provides theological coursework, support and hospitality for students with Baptist affiliations who want to become well prepared for Christian ministry and leadership Students are formed in Baptist heritage and identity through ministry formation groups, coursework, worship and common meals, and informal occasions.

    In the ecumenical environment of United Theological Seminary, Baptist students are encouraged to learn about Baptist history, theology, polity and worship, and to prepare for ministry and leadership in Baptist contexts.

    Courses Aligned with Baptist Studies Include:
    Martin Luther King, Jr.


    The European Reformations

    Calvin and Calvinism

    Baptist Polity and History

    Baptist Theology

    Baptist, Evangelical and Pentecostal Theologies

    Baptist House of Studies Brochure

  • Presbyterian House of Studies

    Dennis Piermont

    Executive Presbyter
    Miami Presbytery (PCUSA)

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    United’s Presbyterian House of Studies is designed for students who want to participate actively and meaningfully in Christian ministry and in the renewal of the church within the Reformed Tradition.

    Students participate in a rooted Reformed heritage through ministry formation groups and coursework in Reformed theology, history, doctrine, and polity. The House of Studies also provides peer-collaboration toward the successful navigation of ordination candidacy process.

    Through shared fellowship, ministry formation groups, networking in surrounding presbyteries, and outstanding theological coursework, members of the Presbyterian House of Studies are equipped for deepened Reformed identity and faithful ministry service through ordination candidacy and beyond into ministries of renewal.

    This program is open to any United student who has a passion to renew the church and is seeking to work within the Presbyterian Church or the Reformed Tradition.

    There are a number of courses that are especially appropriate for our Presbyterian students. These include:
    Reformed History and Theology

    Calvin and Calvinism

    Greek I, II

    Hebrew I, II

    Presbyterian Polity

    The European Reformations

    Foundations for Church Renewal

    Church Renewal in Christian Tradition

    Spiritual Disciplines for Renewal