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  • Basic Course of Study (BCS) Overview

    Contact COS: cos@united.edu


    Rev. Diane Turner-Sharazz


    Course of Study School of Ohio (COSSO)
    Course of Study (COS) is prescribed by the United Methodist Church for the education of persons serving as Local Pastors. The entire Course of Study begins with license school and continues with the 5-year Basic Course of Study and the Advanced Course of Study. United offers the 5-year Basic Course of Study, as a hybrid curriculum, as well as the Advanced Course of Study.

    In order to maintain licensure, local pastors must be enrolled in the COS. Part-time local pastors must complete the COS within 12 years (2 courses per year); full-time local pastors within eight years (4 courses per year).

    Established by the Division of Ordained Ministry of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church, the Ohio regional programs are supported by United Theological Seminary and the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. For more information about this program, visit www.courseofstudyschoolofohio.com.  See the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry website for courses required for the Five Year Basic Course of Study.

    All COSSO at United courses are transferable to other UMCOS programs.

    Benefits to Choosing United for COS:

    1. Hybrid COS School
      The hybrid format means that one-half of each course is delivered online and you spend only one weekend on campus. You control the pace of your learning as you complete courses.

    2. No Pre-Work
      Online modules eliminate the need for pre-class assignments. In the hybrid model, assignments follow instruction.

    3. User Friendly
      Online modules allows course content to be delivered in flexible segments. If you don’t understand something in a lecture, you can repeat it a second or third time. If you are a “morning person,” you can “attend” the online sessions first thing in the morning. The lectures and online learning are still there for night-owls!

    4. Lower Cost
      Because you travel to campus only once per course, you save on housing costs, gas, and commuting time.

  • Writing Assistance

    Has it been a while since you’ve had to write a paper? Want to brush up your writing skills? Having trouble just getting started? We can help!

    Writing Workshops
    Offered before the on-campus session, first Friday of each term only, Rev. Dr. Peter Bellini, Director of the COSSO at United, will offer a half-hour session to help you get started before the course term. Clear communication of your thoughts in writing, whether in an online forum or even on “virtual” paper is a must to succeed in the hybrid COS program.

    Cost is $50.00 for the one-time workshop, to be held from 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. on the following dates in 2012:

    March 16

    June 22

    September 14

    Simply select “Option 1” on the registration form, and add the appropriate amount to your registration fee(s).

    Writing Coach
    Available throughout an entire course term

    If you feel you need ongoing assistance, or the one-time workshop just isn’t enough, Dr. Bellini is also available as a personal writing coach. During the course of your class term, he can suggest ways to improve your writing, help firm up your footnote references and help organize your thoughts on any writing assignments. All coaching will be done online via e-mail and/or by telephone if desired.

    Cost is $50.00 for the course term. Simply select “Option 2” on the registration form, and add the appropriate amount to your registration fee(s).

  • BCS Fees

    Registration Fee: $30 per course
    Must accompany registration form

    Tuition: $270 per course (contact your Local Pastor Registrar for information on scholarship support)

    Technology Fee: $60 per course

    Writing Workshop Fee: $50 per course

    Writing Coach Fee: $50 per course

  • BCS Housing

    For your one-night stay, United has negotiated special rates at a number of local hotels. See the Visitor Accommodations page for details.


  • BCS Registration

    Registration Form

    registration form

    Registration Deadlines

    Fall 2012:  Aug. 14, 2012

    Winter 2013:  Nov. 18, 2012

    Spring 2013:  Feb. 5, 2013

    Summer 2013:  Apr. 14, 2013

    Fall 2013:  Jul. 20, 2013

  • BCS Course Lists

     Click the link below to view the Course List chart.


    course list


    winter 2014

    spring 2014

    summer 2014

    fall 2014


    course list


  • Grades and Transcripts

    Final grades for each class are due to the COS office no later than 30 days following the end of the class. Grade sheets will be sent to the student, the student’s Conference Local Pastor Registrar, GBHEM, and to MTSO. The COS office does not provide transcripts. Requests for official COS transcripts should be made to Lynn Daye, ldaye@gbhem.org.

  • Advanced Course of Study

    Contact COS: cos@united.edu
    Admissions: admissions@united.edu

    United Methodist local pastors who have completed the Course of Study may meet the educational requirements for conference membership and elders orders by taking an additional 32 semester hours of graduate theological studies. At United, students who wish to complete the Advanced Course of Study apply for the Certificate of Theological Studies. When you complete the 32 hours required for the Advanced Course of Study, you will not only receive certification of completion from Nashville, but you will graduate from United with a graduate-level certificate and you are invited to participate fully in our commencement exercises.

    When applying to United, students should also ensure that they are authorized by their Conference Board of Ordained Ministry. The standards for admission to United are the same as for masters degrees.

    Coursework must be planned in consultation with a faculty advisor. United has already ensured that the basic requirements for the Certificate of Theological Studies is in conformity with the Guidelines for Advanced Course of Study published by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, but some conferences require small changes in this program. Those changes should be discussed with your faculty advisor.