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Syllabi and book lists are posted as they are available, generally one month prior to the class start date. They are subject to change. They can be found on the course list charts.

Many courses require work to be done prior to the first class session. It is the student's responsibility to download the syllabus from the course list and come to class prepared. All online courses begin on the beginning date of the module, whether or not that is the face-to-face session.

Any course offering may include an online component. Check the course list for details.

  • Academic Year 2013 | 2014
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  • Academic Year 2014 | 2015
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  • Key to Identifying Course Titles

    OT204-DA-o-D Introduction to Old Testament 2

    OT204 = subject area identification (Old Testament)

    DA = Location (DA – Dayton, CI – Cincinnati, WV – West Virginia)

    o = Type (o – online, t – traditional, h – hybrid)

    D = Time (D – daytime, E – evening, W – weekend)

  • Chart Features and Directions

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