Church Business Administration and Finance


Rev. Dr. Michael D. Reeves Jr., Assistant Pastor

This group will prepare ministry leaders to be equipped to do church business in the 21st Century. This focus group will emphasize the importance of integrating sound business and financial management practices and principles with the core values and mission of the "Modern Church" particularly those who's practices derive from the New Covenant. The Church Business Administration and Finance focus group will select from many topics: personality assessments, accounting practices, Introduction to church management, church growth, communications, church finance, office procedures, leadership development, training of ministers and church officers, how to create a mission and vision statement, etc. The focus group will be very engaging and interactive. These subjects will be taught during intensives and peer sessions with readings assigned while away from peer/focus group. This will be a process that will span the length of the Doctoral Program. The sources used to instruct will come from experts on the subjects through lecture, facilitated discussions and assigned readings from books that have been carefully chosen to maximize the Doctoral Candidates time. Students will glance at modern approaches to guide the church in a modern day administration that can be conducive to the success of the ministry and certainly more effective in building the Kingdom of God.