Effective Ministry Fund Hits 5-Year High



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phonathon2United’s long tradition of being fiscally supported by its alumni/ae each year hit a milestone when the final results of giving over the 2010-11 fiscal year came in.


Volunteer co-chairs, Norma and Harold Stockman ’67, succeeded in strengthening the level and percentage of giving by alumni/ae through their extensive database “overhaul” and managing the committed at home and on campus callers during the annual Phonathon between October 12-22, 2010. Total cash in hand receipts by June 30, 2011 reached nearly $148,000. That exceeded the Stockman’s goal of $140,000 in commemoration of United’s 140th academic year.

The Stockmans worked tirelessly to update constituent records with better addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. They recruited more persons to help phone-- and for the first time encouraged alumni/ae to call from their own homes rather than travel to United. Others also volunteered on site to check the internet “live” for current information when phone numbers were incorrect.

phonathon3United's viability and future, with God's help and through the efforts of such committed alumni/ae, will remain solid and bright. You have helped in making that effort sustainable by investing in United’s future. Thanks for your support!