A 21st Century Model for Church Administration and Preaching in a Multi-Cultural Context


Dr. C. Dennis Williams and Dr. Ralph E. Williamson

In today’s ever changing environment a minister must be multi-faceted; an astute administrator and dynamic preacher. This focus group is an in-depth study of biblical and theological principles, church administration, and the process to build and sustain the 21st century church. Participants will research and analyze current ecclesiastical issues and various leadership styles to plan, implement, and execute church programs. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding and applying biblical concepts and models to successfully manage effective and efficient ministries and church finances.   

The focus group will also challenge participants to research theological themes that particularly resonate with congregations and address the sovereignty and providence of God in a covenant community. To enhance the participant’s research on the study and origin of preaching with a special emphasis on preaching in a multi-cultural context, various tools will be utilized: lectures and selected assigned readings will help enhance the student’s knowledge base. The combination of these two facets, church administration and preaching in a diverse multi-cultural context, will prepare the student for building the kingdom of God in the 21st Century.